Création et aménagement de caves et armoires à vin sur mesure - Climatisation de caves à vin design - Module de rangement de bouteilles - Fabrication artisanale haut de gamme pour la conservation du vin - Le luxe à la française - Caves à cigares

Brilliance and dullness


Brilliance and dullness are the two orientations retained by the choices of these materials. These antagonistic perceptions are associated to create a unique visual :
- A golden frame to honor and highlight the dedicated space.
- An interior dressing all in sobriety and elegance to stage the brilliance of the bottles on a matte black background.

This daring marriage makes this cellar a real showcase. The container is an exceptional promise of the content.

Presentation on epoxy matte black lacquered steel rods and on solid oak shelves. The doors are mounted on invisible hinges with extra-white glass.