Création et aménagement de caves et armoires à vin sur mesure - Climatisation de caves à vin design - Module de rangement de bouteilles - Fabrication artisanale haut de gamme pour la conservation du vin - Le luxe à la française - Caves à cigares


The combination of a passion for wine and a love of design naturally led Vin en Scène to conceive unique spaces for wine storage.

This original and exceptional vision brings a new contemporary touch to the design and integration of wine cabinets in your home. The result speaks for itself.

Our goal is to create opportunities for wine lovers, both enthusiasts and professionals, with a series of innovations including creative design, suited to your taste, while still ensuring ideal conditions for ageing and serving wine.

Tailored advice from both designers and refrigeration technicians favor creativity in the best storage conditions.

These unique creations are also distinguished by the use of noble materials such as exotic tree species (from responsibly-managed forests), laid with decors ranging from gold leaf to contemporary and original coatings. Such bold combinations result in a whole new concept for home furnishing.