Création et aménagement de caves et armoires à vin sur mesure - Climatisation de caves à vin design - Module de rangement de bouteilles - Fabrication artisanale haut de gamme pour la conservation du vin - Le luxe à la française - Caves à cigares


Some models have simple forms, while others, more stylized, echo French artistic traditions and rely on the highly technical skills of French cabinet makers and metalwork artists.

Lighting, either by LED or optic fiber, showcase the labels of your wines without altering their content. A controller determines the intensity of the ambient lighting. For vins de garde (made for ageing), windows are either anti-UV treated or clouded to guaranteed maximum retention. You can also choose the most appropriate temperature for the contents of your cabinet.

The set design, reinforced by the horizontal way of positioning the bottles, invites you to admire the shelves of your grands crus like those of a library. Aesthetics joins practicality to let you easily and quickly select the bottle of your choice.

Your Grands Crus are displayed in a state of the art showcase for the delight of you and your guests..